Bryce Dinneen

I am the creator of Wish for Fish and along with my many support networks will continually strive to achieve our goals. Prior to my accident I have experienced on many occasions the ebbs and flows of emotions that one experiences from fishing. My fishing experience started from wharf fishing with my family as a young boy, to surf casting and boat fishing while growing into a young man. Fishing in all forms teaches many life skills from socialising and bonding, to being able to provide food for the dinner table. This includes the high of catching and landing a fish, the patience required to do this, the low of losing a fish and walking away empty handed, and finally the determination to put the bait back on the hook and the line back in the water.

My aim is that Wish for Fish will eventually be self funding, running on a fully commercial basis offering sea excursions for able bodied as well as the disabled. I have over ten years commercial experience in the hospitality industry, including senior management roles in bars, restaurants and hotels in the South Island.

Greg Finlay

I am a Chartered Accountant working at Mount Maunganui and have other business interests relating to the farming and fishing industries.

I have been brought up on the recreation of fishing whether it be whitebaiting , trout or longline fishing. I know the thrill it brings to hook and then hopefully land a fish and how that experience reminds us of the special moments that makes our lives fun. I would like to help Bryce in bringing that fun experience to all people through the successful running of the wish For Fish Trust.

Nicolas Earl

I am a solicitor at Lyon O’Neale Arnold in Tauranga and when Bryce asked me to be a part of Wish for Fish I was honoured. I am fortunate enough to have been fishing before and I love the excitement it brings. Wish for Fish aims to make the opportunity available to people who have not experienced it before and that is the beauty of the charity. I am proud to be a part of Wish for Fish.

Team Wish4Fish

Scott Kahle

I am currently Head of Alliances and Partnerships for FMG. This role primarily focuses on managing the strategic industry relationships we have at FMG, looking at how we are working together for shared goals and supporting and implementing our strategic plans.  My wife and I are involved in several community initiatives of which I enjoy various governance roles within. Over the last two years we have sponsored and supported W4F which has been a very humbling and motivating experience for us. My role within the Charity is to provide a key focus on corporate sponsorship opportunities. This is a great Trust to be involved with, working with like-minded people with a clear vision of what we want to achieve.

Ray Lowe

Born and bred in Pyes Pa, Tauranga, my working career began as an apprentice at Paramount Sheetmetals, where I ended up as part owner, and continued working there for 52 years. With a long and varied career in stainless steel engineering, designing and fabrication of equipment for around the world, including designing and building a range of aluminium boats, it was natural to develop ‘The Striker’ for Bryce, which allows him to fish with a remote-control fishing system. With my love of outdoors, and ‘can-do/nothing is impossible’ attitude, I strongly support our Charity and Bryce with achieving his dream.

Dave Hume

I have been involved with Wish4Fish since April 2017 after reading an article in UNO Magazine featuring the Charity. I was intrigued with Bryce’s dream of building a purpose-built boat and came onboard to help achieve Project Noah. My background is as a registered property valuer and property investor with a sole focus these days on property investment. My role with the Charity is to help the team pool together the required resources to achieve the project outcome and ensure its viability. It’s been amazing to see the charity grow and gain momentum in the short time I’ve been involved, with the dream of a wheelchair accessible vessel helping the needs of the community becoming closer to reality every day.

Bruce Mack

It was during an event in 2015 at the Tauranga Sport Fishing Club that I first heard Bryce share his journey and the purpose of the Wish4Fish charity. As ex-Navy, I have a natural attraction to the water, so I strongly support what Wish4Fish have set out to achieve. I have been a regular supporter of the charity over the years, and after recently departing as Committee Member and Emcee for the Club, I wanted to share my skills and knowledge with an organisation I feel passionate about.

Tony Pearce

It was about 5 years ago when I first heard of Wish4Fish. As Safer Boating Adviser for the BOPRC I helped sponsor a Wish4Fish fishing tournament and provided Safer Boating packs for competition entrants – I remember thinking what an absolutely fantastic charity and worthwhile cause this was. As a lifelong fisherman I fully understand the value of getting out on the water, but it wasn’t until I went out on a beneficiary trip with Bryce that I fully understood the huge impact and simple joy this can bring to our beneficiaries – I saw for myself that these benefits go way beyond the fishing trip itself.  In December 2020 I was lucky enough to get the chance to join the team at Wish4Fish as General Manager 😊