Sponsorship Arrangements

Wish4Fish offers some incredible opportunities to partner with an amazing Charitable Trust.

These relationships can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

If you or your organisation would like to explore possible options, please contact us today.


Alternatively, simply make a one off donation here.

Doherty Couplers and Attachments

Last year Doherty Couplers and Attachments came on board to help support the charity.

With their support we are able to get many more people out on the boat for a day of fishing. This can be life changing for some people so it is important that we get more businesses on board to help with the charity.

If you have a business or know someone that might be able to help out then please get in touch with Tony

Make a donation today and empower individuals with a physical or mental disability, illness or financial hardship, to benefit from the confidence building and therapeutic freedom of being on NZ’s ocean waters.