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What is Project Noah?

Wish4Fish’s Founder Bryce Dinneen and the team at Wish4Fish have a dream. That dream is to build a purpose designed vessel to provide all New Zealanders with the opportunity to experience the joys of the ocean that we all take for granted. That dream dubbed “Project Noah” in Bryce’s mind way back in 2007, is now becoming a reality! A dream without a plan is just that, a dream. Our plan is laid out, we just need the funds to execute it.

Our goal is to provide over 1000 beneficiaries a charity charter trip every year.

The boat is a fully wheelchair accessible, Roger Hill custom designed 18m by 6.5m alloy high displacement cat, powered by twin marine diesel engines.

Why is Project Noah Important?

Although we are currently providing approximately 100 beneficiaries with a charter trip every year, we face huge challenges in finding available boats with suitable wheelchair access. With a purpose-built vessel we aim to help over 1000 members of the community every year.

Fishing and boating is one of New Zealand’s most popular recreational activities, those with physical and mental disabilities are currently not being catered for.  Our country has some of the most beautiful natural resources in the world and we believe all New Zealanders should be able to enjoy this.

Project Noah will be a World First, showcasing New Zealand’s commitment to innovation, with our vision to create a model for others to emulate.

The benefits from our trips go beyond a day out on the water. It provides our Charity’s beneficiaries the sense of what can be achieved, despite some of the most difficult circumstances they experience.

Our Goals

We aim to provide over 1000 beneficiaries of the charity a charter trip every year. This includes a wide spectrum of the community, from educational institutions to our aged care residents.

We aim to be fully funded by our charity’s current fundraising events, fundraising charter trips, supporters club subscriptions, grant applications, charitable fundraising trips and donations.

We aim to provide a sense of hope to our beneficiaries that regardless of your circumstances you can achieve great things and there is always a silver lining in any situation.

If you would like to help us Float the Boat, either click the button below to contact us directly, or visit our Give-a-Little-Page. Thank you!