Welcome to the Wish 4 Fish
Supporters Club….


Do you love the freedom that comes from being out on the ocean?
For most, it’s a quintessential New Zealand rite and one that we all enjoy
either as boat owners or as the guest of others.

So … imagine being told that boating and fishing were no more.

That’s what happened to Bryce Dinneen, the founder of the Wish 4 Fish Charitable Trust.

In early 2007, Bryce Dinneen (a then 29 year old Tauranga avid boatee and saltwater angler), was out on the Wellington waterfront, enjoying a Saturday afternoon with his mates. It was all harmless fun and camaraderie until Bryce dived into shallow water, breaking his C2, C3, C5 and C6 vertebrae and irreparably damaging his spinal cord. Before the day was out, he was being airlifted to Christchurch ICU before being moved two weeks’ later to the Burwood Spinal Unit. Bryce was to spend eight weeks in head traction to stabilise his break and a further nine months in rehabilitation, before being discharged in December 2007, nearly a year after his accident.

Prior to that day, one of  Bryce’s main hobbies was saltwater fishing, and his return home in the Bay of Plenty in December 2007 only highlighted how  difficult it was to continue to pursue his passion.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Bryce’s fortitude, determination and resolve came to the fore. He thought about the challenge, and reflected on how many others must be affected, and decided he would start a charity called Wish 4 Fish – first and foremost to raise funds to assist those with disabilities to get out on the water, and then more latterly, to purchase and modify a charter fishing vessel for disabled people.

Bryce’s enthusiasm for his Trust has been contagious, and he is now supported by a  team of trustees, patrons, ambassadors, crew and volunteers. With trustee support, he is the mastermind behind many fund raising events including fishing competitions, tradeshow stands, branded products, and speaking engagements … and now he is launching his Wish 4 Fish Supporters Club as a way for those supporting him to help make a difference.


Membership is $200 a year
and includes:

  • A special invite to a Supporters Club luncheon to feature a guest speaker, cash bar, and networking opportunities. There also will be special exclusive draws for prizes for Supporters Club members during the afternoon’s activities.
  • The lunch will be held annually in the Bay of Plenty.
  • Discounted entry to Wish 4 Fish fishing competitions
  • Mention on the Wish 4 Fish website
  • Regular email updates and Support Members special draws for prizes and giveaways
  • Discounted rates on any Wish 4 Fish merchandise i.e. clothing and fishing tackle
  • A supporters pack including a wrist band and a membership certificate for that year (optional for members – available to those who request these).
Please join and help Bryce and his team achieve their dream.

Yes, I would love to join the Wish 4 Fish Supporters Club

For more information, phone Tony on 022 134 0042

Donations and grants also gratefully appreciated via our Givealittle page. Please help us to spread the word and make our dream a reality.