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We help people with physical disabilities or mental unwellness get out on the water and enjoy the freedom and pleasure of our ocean waters – the benefits from these trips go beyond a day out on the water.

Access for all!

Fishing and boating are some of New Zealand’s most popular recreational activities, which those with physical and mental disabilities are currently not being catered for.

Our country has some of the most beautiful natural resources in the world and we believe all New Zealanders should be able to enjoy this. To share these experiences with our wider community, we arrange charity trips for individuals with physical and mental disabilities and their carer’s, who are often family members.

The benefits from our trips go beyond a day out on the water. It provides our Charity’s beneficiaries the sense of what can be achieved despite some of the most difficult circumstances they experience.

1000 Magic Moments

A day out on the water can bring so much joy and can provide our beneficiaries with lifelong memories – we witness this every trip – we call these magic moments.

Something significant happens when people are empowered to go fishing. They move from being a beneficiary, to being a provider. This is a fundamental shift in identity, which allows them to not be defined through the lens of their disability or life challenges.

When paired with a strong sense of adventure, comradery and achievement, the positive outcomes, excitement and lift in self-esteem is tangible. You can see it in the faces, eyes and body language of those on board.

This year we aim to provide magic moments and lifelong memories for over 1,000  beneficiaries.

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Our supporters

Our work wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors, funders and supporters. The following organisations support our aim to improve the life quality of people with physical disabilities, mental unwellness, and help us provide magic moments for over 1,000 participants each year.

Our funders

Our sponsors

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