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Our Boat

The Wish4Fish boat is a world first, showcasing New Zealand’s commitment to innovation, with our hope to create a model for others to emulate.

Our objective is to create a nationally iconic vessel for NZ’s disability community, with similar profile to the Spirit of Adventure or Outward Bound.


Key Design Considerations and Features

The boat itself is a Roger Hill custom designed 18m alloy high displacement cat powered by twin marine diesel engines. It has total capacity for 49 passengers – 10 wheelchair users, support staff and crew. The boat is designed with wheelchair users in mind, along with some of the following unique features:

Accessible Bathroom

An on-board bathroom is essential for many of our participants. This is especially true when considering 3-4hr trip times and the potential for overnight excursion trips. The boat bathroom has been designed with capacity for inclusion of a full loop gantry crane provided by Cubro which allows bathroom access for all levels of wheelchair user, plus support above the four berths for overnight trips.

Onboard Wheelchair Lift

The boat design includes a specifically designed wheelchair access lift to the flybridge. Giving all participants access to the upper level of the boat, significantly greater visibility and the excitement of exploring a space and perspective they wouldn’t normally have.

High Displacement Catamaran

Stability of the boat on the water and comfort of ride are essential to a safe and enjoyable experience of participants. This is especially true when catering for trips with multiple wheelchair users or people with reduced balance or stability.

Ample Indoor Space

Having a spacious lower deck and galley is essential to allow ease of access for wheelchair users and sufficient cover in all weather conditions for all participants, many of whom don’t have the ability to regulate their body temperature effectively. For some participants with mental illness or medication treated conditions, having quiet space to retreat to, is essential to their ability to actively participate.

Specially Designed Loading System

At the best of times boats can be hard to board for able bodied people due to tidal variations, berth/ dock height and boat movement. To ensure accessibility for wheelchair and less able bodied participants, a specially designed loading system has been developed to allow for wheelchair access from a wide variety of berths.

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Make a donation today and empower individuals with a physical or mental disability, illness or financial hardship, to benefit from the confidence building and therapeutic freedom of being on NZ’s ocean waters.


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