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Corporate sponsorship

Helping make Magic Moments

Your business can help too

Sponsor a Wish4Fish boat trip for up to 20 people with physical disabilities or mental illness and their carers.

Sponsor benefits

  • Make a positive impact on your community. 
  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility
  • Share in the Magic Moments and be part of the day!
    (Sponsors can send two people to help out for the day) 
  • Fantastic social media opportunities
    ~ Wish4Fish social media posts as well as your own. 
  • Your logo featured on our electronic billboards on the boat.  
  • Listed as a key sponsor on the Wish4Fish website. 

Magic Moments

A day out on the water can bring so much joy and can provide our beneficiaries with lifelong memories – we witness this every trip – we call these magic moments. 

Something significant happens when people are empowered to go fishing. They move from being a disabled person, to being a provider. This is a fundamental shift in identity, which allows them to not be defined through the lens of their disability or life challenges. 

When paired with a strong sense of adventure, comradery and achievement, the positive outcomes, excitement and lift in self-esteem is tangible. You can see it in the faces, eyes and body language of those on board. 

Your sponsorship will help provide magic moments and lifelong memories for over 1,000 beneficiaries and their carers this year! 

Wish4Fish offers some incredible opportunities to partner with an amazing Charitable Trust. If you or your organisation would like to explore options, please contact us today.

P 022 13 400 42

Make a donation

Make a donation today and empower individuals with a physical or mental disability, illness or financial hardship, to benefit from the confidence building and therapeutic freedom of being on NZ’s ocean waters.


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