Bryce’s story provides a sense of hope that regardless of your circumstances you can achieve great things.

Bryce is the driving force behind the Trust’s formation. While socialising with friends in 2007, Bryce suffered a high-level spinal injury, severely damaging his spinal cord, from a shallow water diving accident. During his rehabilitation, Bryce considered the thought of never being able to fish again and wondered what if he could design and build a boat that would allow individuals with a disability or illness to get out on the water and go fishing? How would this opportunity enhance the lives of those people and their families who would not be able to do this otherwise?

It was at this very point in 2007 that the ‘Wish4Fish’ dream was born. Although now with only 4% function and his own mountains to climb every day, it is Bryce’s and the Wish4Fish team’s ongoing commitment to making a positive impact, that has brought us to the point we find ourselves at today.

The positive difference our charity charters have in our participants lives is very humbling. Fishing and boating provide the ideal platform to help create camaraderie, excitement and normality to name just a few of the positive outcomes. Working with a few suitable charter operators, on average Wish4Fish facilitate fishing trips for around 100 participants every year! We continue to strive to increase these numbers. We now extend our services to include any individual or group with a genuine need. Wish4Fish is an organisation operated by a close community of volunteers to benefit the whole of Aotearoa.

I strongly believe that fishing in all forms, teaches many life skills, from socialising and bonding, to winning and accepting defeat or being able to provide food for the dinner table.

Bryce Dinneen
Wish4Fish Founder